SMEs growing importance for the EU economu and Small Business Act status and review. February 2011.

Definition of an SME, and importance of SMEs in the European Union:

Observatory of European SMEs: survey of the situation of SMEs in their environment, their perfomance, their constraints and their needs:

Think small first / A small business Act: communication of the European Commission that serves as base for the European policy in favor of SMEs:

European Union SME portal:

"Putting Small Business First", brochure EU:

OECD (2010), "Entrepreneurship and migrants".  Report on the link between migrations and  entreprise plus job creations, showing migrants have in some countries and in some circumstances a significant contribution in creating companies and jobs.  The report reviews factors influencing or explaining the rate of entrepreneurship (country of origin, policies in host country, level of education ...) and suggests there is no automatic link between unemployment rate in a country and proportion of immigrants; and immigration policies should consider a broader perspective than just the rate of unemployment in a country

Social media for Businesses: