Number Weight
Micro enterprises 365 769 92,40%
Small enterprises 25 622 6,50%
Medium enterprises 3 804 1,00%
TOTAL PME 395 195 99,80%
Large enterprises 796 0,20%

Eurostat 2004 – 2005 database, Belgium. EU definition of SME: Micro = headcount <10, sales or balance sheet total < 2 millions €, Small = headcount <50, sales or balance sheet total < 10 millions €, Medium = headcount <250, sales<50 million €, balance sheet total < 43 million€.

SMEs play a major role in our economy. Their size gives them several assets such as reactivity, proximity to their clients and to the market, a pragmatic no non-sense management etc....At the same time they often lack resources, time and expertise whether to cope with problems or grab opportunities. They struggle to recruit or to access financing etc... Each SME has its own situation and its own specific needs: they can't do much with the standard toolboxes they are usually offered!

Our approach is adapted to each individual situation. Through an initial business review we identify together your possible areas of need. At the end of the discussion we should be able to share a clear and concrete action plan, with a perspective on the achievable results. The focus is on concrete action steps rather than nice presentation, on results rather than just advice.

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